Premiere Nail Studio is approved by the apprenteship board of Saskatchewan

This Certified Gel Nail Course will provide you with all the skills and knowledge you will need in becoming a Professional Nail Technician.

The course teaches:

  • Anatomy
  • Sanitation
  • Filing and Shaping
  • Gel Application
  • Forms
  • Tips
  • Fills and Maintenance
  • Professionalism

We will also provide you helpful tips that will help you throughout your career as a Gel Nail Technician

Course Pricing:

$1395.00 includes tax, tuition, supply kit, handbook, large full hand uv light
A $200.00 deposit is required to hold your spot for the class. This will come off the total tuition amount.
Tuition fees need to be paid in full 2 weeks prior to class start date
We do hold a no refund policy as the class could have been booked for another individual.

Class Start Dates: 2020

Classes run Mondays, or Tuesdays or Thursdays.

January 20th (monday’s),21st (tuesday’s),

January 23rd (thursday’s)

April 13th (monday’s), 14th (tuesday’s), 16th (thursday’s)

May 18th (monday’s), 19th (tuesday’s), 21st (thursday’s)

June 22nd (monday’s), 23rd (tuesday’s), 25th (thursday’s)

July 27th (monday’s), 28th (tuesdays’s), 30th (thursday’s)

August 31st (monday’s) September 1st (tuesday’s) September 3rd (thursday’s)

November 16th (monday’s) 17th (tuesday’s)

November 19th (thursday’s)


Classes are held on Mondays or Tuesdays or Thursdays from 9am to 3pm. Models are  required for course completion for each class held. These models will leave with a full set of beautiful nails.

Day 1: Tip Application
Class 9am – 3pm
Bare nail Model required from 11:30am to 3:00pm

Day 2: Gel overlay and Tip Application
Class 9am – 3pm
Model required from 11:30am to 3:00pm

Day 3: Sculpting with Forms
Class 9am – 3pm
Bare nail Model required from 9am to 3:00pm

Day 4: Fills and Maintenance
Class 9am – 3pm
Model required from 11:30am to 3:00pm

Day 5: Written and Practical Exam
Class 9am – 3pm
9am – 10am Written exam
10am – 3pm Practical exam
Bare nail Model required from 9am – 3pm